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About Us

SWS is a berlin-based sound and label combining a great bandwidth of mostly Caribbean music.

Dancehall, Soca and Reggaeton are mixed with Roots reggae, Rocksteady, Ska and crossover genres (Moombahton, Cumbia) in a creative and danceable way.

Fully loaded with own remixes, productions and specials, SWS guarantees first class musical entertainment.

The sound was founded in 2003 and consists of Selector Count Shortleg, MC/Selector Dawee, MC/Selector DJ High Towa, DJ Silent Pressure and Selector & Soundfather Sebastian.

Over the past years the team soundtracked various parties in cities around the globe, such as Hamburg (Germany), Accra (Ghana), Dresden (Germany), Tel Aviv (Israel), New York City (USA), Linz (Austria), Munich (Germany), Warsaw (Poland), Geneva (Switzerland), Mannheim (Germany), Chisinau (Republic of Moldova), Zurich (Switzerland), Bielefeld (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Leipzig (Germany) etc. and of course in its hometown Berlin (Germany).

The crew played shows with artists like Manu Chao, Tippa Irie, Gappy Ranks, Top Cat, Beenie Man, VolkanikMan, Nosliw, just to name a few, and sounds like Supersonic Sound, Pow Pow, LP International, Sentinel, Soundquake and many more.

Dawee DJ High Towa Dj Silent Pressure Sebastian


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